Expand your child’s mind and taste buds this summer with our deliciously fun week-long cooking camps.  Each week we offer new camps featuring seasonal recipes. Chefs will make two to three recipes – always one savory and one sweet – daily from scratch.

Younger chefs will focus on kitchen basics while older chefs will learn more advanced culinary techniques. Games, challenges and crafts will be incorporated to spice up each camp. Our professional team of culinary instructors and assistants will help create a memorable experience for your chef!

Each week includes:

  • Kitchen Notebook with recipes
  • Professional culinary instructors and teaching assistants
  • New recipes each week featuring locally-grown produce

Daily Schedule

  • 8:50-9:00 / AM Drop-Off
  • 9:00-12:00 / Morning Camp
  • 12:50-1:00 / PM Drop-Off
  • 1:00-4:00 / Afternoon Camp

Camp pricing:  4-DAY CAMP $280 | 5-DAY CAMP $345 | CHALLENGE/BAKING CAMPS $360

We are unable to register campers over the phone.  Please register online.

Camp Info: Snacks and water bottles provided.  AM camp is limited to 12 students and PM camp is limited to 14 students, unless otherwise specified.

Allergies:  We are unable to make recipe accommodations in our camps, unless it specified below.  Please call if you have questions and we can recommend which camp will work for you.

Disabilities and Special Needs: We love all kiddos!  If your child has a disability or special needs, please contact us before signing up so we can discuss if a specific camp is the right place for your child.

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Kid's Camps:

Culinary Passport

  • 07/12/17  |  1pm-4pm  |  Ages 8-14  |  $345
  • 07/24/17  |  1pm-4pm  |  Ages 8-14  |  $345

One of the best ways to experience another culture is through its food. Join us on a trip around the world without leaving the kitchen! **We are unable to make dietary accommodations in this session.

Camp Registration

Artistic Foodie

  • 07/31/17  |  9am-12pm  |  Ages 4-7  |  $350

We are excited to offer art, art history and cooking wrapped into one tasty and colorful class! Monet and Me will join us for fine art instruction in a variety of mediums, including watercolor, painting, pottery and photography. In each class, kids will create a masterpieces with Monet and Me and edible masterpieces with art inspired recipes by Patricia’s Table. Art History is incorporated into each class as a fun and interesting component. Students will learn about a creative legends from Cezanne to Renoir!

Cooks & Books

  • 05/22/17  |  9am-12pm  |  Ages 3-6  |  $300
  • 05/30/17  |  9am-12pm  |  Ages 3-6  |  $275
  • 06/12/17  |  9am-12pm  |  Ages 4-7  |  $345
  • 07/10/17  |  9am-12pm  |  Ages FULL  |  $0
  • 07/24/17  |  9am-12pm  |  Ages 4-7  |  $345
  • 08/14/17  |  FULL  |  Ages FULL  |  $0
  • 08/21/17  |  9am-12pm  |  Ages 3-6  |  $345

Our favorite children’s books come to life as we create original recipes inspired by the stories. Children will see these stories in a whole new way!  Lessons and activities will take place in the garden and kitchen classroom.  Chefs will cook, craft, create and cultivate.

Kitchen Fundamentals

  • 06/05/17  |  1pm-4pm  |  Ages 10-14  |  $360
  • 06/19/17  |  9am-12pm  |  Ages 7-9  |  $360
  • 07/10/17  |  1pm-4pm  |  Ages 8-12  |  $360
  • 07/31/17  |  1pm-4pm  |  Ages 8-12  |  $360

(formally Master Chef Jr. ) Students will learn basic knife skills, essential cuts, equipment, pantry staples, and recipes to get them started. Chefs will then engage in friendly cooking challenges allowing them to practice cooking skills, learn improvisation techniques, and hone their confidence in the kitchen.  The session will culminate with a Farmer’s Market Mystery Box Challenge.  Guidance is provided.  *We are unable to make dietary accommodations in this class.  

Culinary Challenge

  • 05/30/17  |  1pm-4pm  |  Ages 8-12  |  $280
  • 06/26/17  |  1pm-4pm  |  Ages 10-14  |  $360
  • 07/17/17  |  1pm-4pm  |  Ages 7-9  |  $360

Students will learn basic knife skills, essential cuts, basic baking skills, equipment, pantry staples, and recipes to get them started. Chefs will then engage in friendly cooking challenges daily allowing them to practice cooking skills, learn improvisation techniques, and hone their confidence in the kitchen. Each day will offer a new challenge based off of some of our favorite TV culinary challenges.  *We are unable to make dietary accommodations in this camp.  

Baking Bootcamp

  • 06/19/17  |  1pm-4pm  |  Ages 8-12  |  $360
  • 08/07/17  |  1pm-4pm  |  Ages FULL  |  $0
  • 08/14/17  |  1pm-4pm  |  Ages 10-14  |  $360
Students will learn basic baking skills in this fun and informative class for the aspiring baker. We’ll learn the science behind baking and munch on the sweet results.  Not only will chefs discover how to make delicious cookies, pies, cakes, and breads, we’ll tackle more demanding creations such as profiteroles, mousse and creme brûlée.  *We are unable to make dietary accommodations in this class.

Superfood Superpowers

  • 08/07/16  |  9am-12pm  |  Ages 4-7  |  $345

Put your chef’s kitchen superpowers to the test in the adventurous class! Students will create delicious recipes packed with superfoods while learning basic cooking skills and techniques. To the kitchen and beyond!  Ages 4-7

America The Bountiful

  • 07/03/17  |  9am-12pm  |  Ages 3-6  |  $280
  • 07/03/17  |  1pm-4pm  |  Ages 8-14  |  $280

Food in America reflects the many cultures that have met and blended into the great melting pot. We’ll create recipes inspired by America’s heritage using ingredients from local farmers and our backyard garden. Young chefs learn basic cooking skills while older students focus on more advanced culinary techniques in this patriotic and informative class for the aspiring chef.

Farm to Table

  • 6/5/17  |  9am-12pm  |  Ages 4-7  |  $345
  • 6/26/17  |  9am-12pm  |  Ages 3-6  |  $345
Learn and taste what summer has to offer in Austin! Using ingredients from local farms and our backyard garden, students will put together dishes that highlight summer’s bounty while learning a variety of cooking techniques.  Kiddos must be toilet trained and have turned 3 by 3/1/16.  

Kitchen Celebration

  • 07/17/17  |  9AM-12PM   |  Ages 4-7  |  $345

The best way prepare for any special occasion is in the kitchen! Chefs will have a culinary celebration whipping up festive treats to fit each day’s theme: Superhero Tea Party, Camping Out IN, Wacky Wednesday, Kitchen Olympic and Feliz Cumpleaños!  Ages 4-7